Forensic Mold Testing

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TONER Home Performance specializes in forensic mold testing for projects where simple testing is insufficient. Typically, for issues dealing with the source of origin identification, health-related needs, advanced third-party opinions, and/or when steps for total resolution are necessary
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What is Forensic Mold Testing?

TONER Home Performance Forensic mold testing differs from typical mold testing because it starts with a forensic review. This review lets us understand what situation exists that could create a moldy environment first. Then, we can make a plan for cleaning up and preparing for testing. We finish with a precise testing methodology that can be utilized to provide the best results possible.

Our Mold Remediation Process 

Begin with a short consult with a project manager

Complete the forensic review

Conduct the strategic mold testing

Produce a forensic review letter with test results

Discuss the findings over Zoom and review the next steps

During the initial consult, we may determine that the issue is small or the source of the issue is known (e.g., a dishwasher leak). If that is the case, we will allow the client to use our MACs for a much lower price and provide exceptional referrals to remediators and trades—all free.
May times, the situation is not evaluated fully, and the issues return. This is normally because Mold Assessment Consultants are not trained in building forensics and things are either missed or not understood. Starting with THP protects against this even if we are not utilized directly.

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