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TONER prefers to assist in pre-litigation resolution. Typically, we evaluate the performance situation as an agreed-upon third party and make recommendations to correct the issues. We do not provide blame or liability.


TONER can support one client in a legal proceeding. Typically, it is part of an RCLA claim, insurance loss, or legal demand. THP reviews the case to determine the cadre of experts needed. We manage all experts and serve as the quarterback of the team. THM manages all coordination, deliverables, and billing of experts. The process is very effective, efficient, and economical, with a high success rate.


Toner works with attorneys, builders, and home-owners alike to reach an agreement with builders to resolve disputes quickly and easily in a way that makes both parties happy. With Toner as a middle-man, such disputes are solved without the need for a lawsuit. Toner acts as an invaluable expert witness for attorneys, in which he evaluates a problem and gives a reasonable estimate for how it can be fixed. Attorneys who have worked with him can not overstate his helpfulness in their cases, and are consistently impressed by his extensive knowledge on all home matters. “I’ve seen this before. Here is what’s happening, and here is how to fix it.”

Professional experts often have an agenda. Toner, on the other hand, is a professional in the field that also happens to be an expert. Professional people make more believable arguments than professional experts.

Most clients will be happy to hear that we actually specialize in pre-resolution, meaning that the problem gets fixed before a dispute escalates and possibly becomes a lawsuit. We come into a home where everyone is upset and assess the situation from an unbiased, third party perspective. We simply want to see reality and convey it. 

We bring in any expert witnesses that the situation might call for, all of which are team members under contract at TONER Home Performance. From mold experts to horse stable experts, there has never been an expert that we have never been able to locate due to our large network. 

Then we tell the story of the house by writing a concise report that explains exactly what is going on in a way that is easy to understand. As Mark Twain once said, “I apologize for such a long letter– I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

Our uniqueness extends even beyond all that. With most experts, there is a 60 day turnaround after which they will produce an overly-complicated, unnecessarily-lengthy report. Our process is faster, with a 14 day turnaround, it costs less, and we have a better win rate, __.

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Part of our design process either fully or partially complies with the state energy code requirements, albeit in the correct version. 

The process does increase build costs, not because they are extra but because the project is not fully designed and specified without this process. There will be specifications that are beyond code and carry electricity costs. We pride ourselves on being creative designers and finding solutions for all price ranges. The best part is that even if you only apply some of the design, you are better than using no performance criteria.

You can set up a direct call with Toner or a team member by completing the schedule consultation form. We typically have those calls within 24 hours. There is no fee for the call. Based on your situation, we may request some documents related to your case for review and a second call. We do this if we can help move you forward with more reflection. There is also no fee for this effort.

THP provides energy certification as part of the Building Performance Design Process. It is not a priority but a byproduct of good, resilient design.

Some projects will use an “Energy Rater.” This person will utilize free online software to complete a ResCheck. Then, they will wait until the end of the project to do some testing and put a sticker inside the electrical panel. This is not the energy code certification process.

THP will produce a professional energy model meeting the full performance specifications, modify them as the project develops, and perform verification of the application of that specification during the construction phase (3-5 physical trips on average). Then, we will perform envelope and duct pressure testing at the completion. Last, we register the project on the national registry in our name.
As early as possible. We are a design stage consideration. We work with clients who don’t even own dirt but are assembling the concept and team. We work with many great architects and designers in the initial design phase or after plans are drawn. We work with builders committed to this process and with trades and manufacturers who require our presence on a project. If the project is too far along, we always try to help the situation, but many times, at that point, we are either performing forensics or Expert litigation support.
We primarily use flat rate pricing, which is unusual considering most folks who perform similar services are hourly. We like our clients to know precisely what they are paying and the deliverable. This also lets us control our average pricing. We are 30-50% less expensive than our competition, and our delivery is typically 30-50% faster.
We have a lot of experience, and with experience comes efficiency. We commonly go behind another trade that has spent many hours on site and find the solution in a fraction of the time. This efficiency translates to clarity and control for our clients.

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